We offer priority to non-local children, siblings, and the children of full-time staff.
The cut-off date is a little flexible: Either 31 August or 31 December. This allows parents to defer a younger child if desired. This flexibility does not extend to advancing a child up a Grade.
No, please do not submit any work samples or portfolios. Please ONLY submit the items listed in the Supporting Document Checklist.
The first-round admission interviews for Grade 1 will focus on readiness for school; listening to and following directions, social interaction, fine and gross motor development, oral English fluency and numerical sense. Admission interviews for Grades 2-5 will include academic assessments of both literacy and numeracy.
First-round admission interviews will usually take 40 minutes, while second round interviews will usually take 50 minutes.
Yes, parents will be interviewed as part of the admission interview process as we believe they play an essential role in their child’s education.


The maximum number of students per class is 30. Eventually, we will have 4 classes per Grade: 1 ~ 5.
10:1, including specialist teachers.
We have a maximum capacity of 600 places of international primary education, so that would be our maximum. 
However, the actual legal capacity of the school is subject to the final assessment of the Buildings Department, which is expected to be more than 650.
No, we plan to start Grade 4 in 2018, and Grade 5 in 2019.
No. Our Grade 5 graduates will be eligible to apply for entry into any international secondary school in Hong Kong or abroad, since these schools all start secondary education from Grade 6 (or Year 7). We will build relationships with other IB World Schools in Hong Kong in order to facilitate our students’ transition.
We would like to, but this will depend on whether or not we can secure the necessary license.
We would like to, but this will depend on whether or not we can secure an appropriate site and secure the necessary license. Until this happens, we will establish relationships with suitable international secondary schools in the area to facilitate the transfer of our graduates.
We are recruiting teachers locally as well as internationally, looking for experienced PYP practitioners. We will employ teachers from a range of nations to ensure a balanced, yet diverse school community.
No, students interested in transferring would need to follow standard application procedures.
We are currently a private school adopting a non-local curriculum. However, after gaining PYP authorisation, we intend to apply to change our status to that of an international school.

Academic / Activities

English is the language of instruction in all classes, apart from a daily Mandarin (Putonghua) class. As stated in our Mission, we value and respect all mother-tongue languages. However, we will remind students that language should not be used to exclude others.
We will offer a range of art, craft, language, music and sport activities to better nurture individual interests, strengths and abilities.
During the first year or two, we will not play any competitive sports. The focus for lower Primary children will be the development of basic gross motor skills.
We expect that all children will learn to play both tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments as well as the recorder.
We hope that children will want to take individual music lessons after school and/or at weekends, and will facilitate this.
This will depend on the availability of a suitable facility.